Twyla Michnevich

Who we are? We feel that any conventional background and personal information would be superfluous for the purposes of this blog; too often do such trivialities become the focus of attention in place of the substance of the matter at hand, which is not what we wish for. What we feel is far more relevant is to write a little about the motivation for beginning this website. At the beginning of 2013 we started a Dropbox folder called ‘Isolatarium’ as a platform for sharing, regardless of the medium and from constantly changing corners of the world, the varying topics and situations that we were thinking about. This has enabled us to overcome the isolation that we had been confronted with due to geographical barriers and an excessive sense of comfort. This website is a continuation of that motive, the only difference being a desire to find like-minded people who share our need for external provocations and stimulants in making sense not just of our own lives, but the bigger picture of which they are a part.

If you wish to take part please don’t hesitate to email us.