Vor Corona sind nicht alle gleich

Seit einiger Zeit werden auf der Intensivstation, auf der ich arbeite, vor allem Menschen mit Covid-19 Infektionen behandelt. Seitdem ist die Zahl der arabisch, kurdisch oder türkisch sprechenden Patientinnen merklich angestiegen. Menschen ohne oder mit nur wenig Deutschkenntnissen zu behandeln, ist hier in Berlin nichts Ungewöhnliches. Da der Stadtteil, in … Continue reading Vor Corona sind nicht alle gleich

Modern segregation

I was out with a good friend last year, in search of a late breakfast, when I was once again confronted with the extent of modern segregation. It was a crisp and bright Sunday in late November. We were strolling down Eisenbahnstrasse in the German city of Leipzig which had, … Continue reading Modern segregation

Counterproductive radicalism

In the following I want to outline some examples epitomising what I will call a ‘radical’ mindset. Across American colleges, large-scale protests have been taking place in recent months with the aim of protecting students from potentially wounding or controversial remarks. Asking a Latino American “Where are you from?” is … Continue reading Counterproductive radicalism

European arrogance?

Since the founding of the EU in Maastricht in 1993, the European idea has surpassed mere economic cooperation to both political and social spheres, and beyond. Citizens living within any of the countries encompassed by this label increasingly identify with ‘being’ European, and certain European ideals have begun to crystallise … Continue reading European arrogance?

Lessons not learned

Europe over the last decade was confronted with the worrying development of uprisings by young people without any sort of apparent political goal. As we approach the 10-year anniversary of the 2005 Paris riots, we would like to ask whether lessons have been learned from these events. Considering the fast … Continue reading Lessons not learned

WMDs: Widespread Media Deception and the 2003 invasion of Iraq

BY ROSS MORAN Air strikes on Iraq!’ Does this remind you of anything? The 1990 Gulf War? Or, maybe the 2003 invasion? Either-or, we’re here again.  Less than three years after the last convoy of British and American troops left Iraq following the humiliating 2003 invasion, the United States and … Continue reading WMDs: Widespread Media Deception and the 2003 invasion of Iraq


BY JOE BALSON “…no more right to the information they requested than if they were being executed in the electric chair, they would have no right to know whether OG&E or PSO were providing the electricity; if they were being hanged, they would have no right to know whether it … Continue reading Precipice