Thoughts for a New Social Contract

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This is a project which Jonas and I worked on over the last few years, the first edition of which we completed last November.

The underlying idea is an expansion of the social contract developed in political philosophy, using it as a basis for solving many of the problems we have seen in the world we are growing up in.

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Thoughts for a New Social Contract


1.      Opening thoughts on a new social contract

2.      Current distribution of wealth

3.      What is a maximum socially acceptable annual income?

4.      Capitalism and the economy

5.      Tax avoidance

6.      Benefits and return responsibility

7.      Where to invest under a new social contract?

               I. Benefits

               II. Education [by Theresa Ehler]

               III. Healthcare

               IV. Underpaid sectors of society

               V. Minimum wage

8.      Electoral content and structure

               I. Is there an ideal electoral system

               II. Election candidates: individual vs. policies

               III. Election promises

9.      Lobbyism

10.    Closing thoughts on a new social contract


nsc FINAL.pdf